Welcome to Beautifully Free Forever

I’m so glad you chose to spend a little of your time here with me.  I created this blog to share some of my story with you and to inspire hope in whatever challenging situation you might find yourself or a loved one in.  I want this to be a helpful resource to you as you read through my experiences and gain knowledge from some of what I have learned (and am still learning) on this journey of healing and wellness.  Many of the insights you will find are not only specific to personal physical challenges we face, like my own debilitating battle with Chronic Lyme Disease.   I believe you will find them to be helpful in dealing with many facets of life.  You may find yourself in a broken relationship or facing very difficult financial issues.  You might have a loved one who is fighting a life threatening illness or a child who has lost his way.  You may have dreams that no longer seem possible, a failed business, or an addiction or mental stronghold you don’t think you can ever break free from.  And, perhaps, you are someone like me, who has faced several life altering events at the same time.  Have I felt like giving up?  Sure I have!  Have I wondered if God really had great plans for my life?  Absolutely!  Did I ever find myself trapped and in despair, praying it would all just go away?  Yes, I did!  But a word from God, a moment with Him, can change everything!  And really letting go of all the things I wanted so badly to see changed, was the turning point!  Choosing to fully trust Him and resting in the knowledge of who He is rather than what he would do for me, was the critical first step.  However, in order to rest in the knowledge of who God is, I first had to learn what it truly meant to rest.  I’ll reveal more about that in later posts.


It is my prayer that at whatever season you may find yourself, whatever your personal journey is right now, that you might be able to glean at least a little hope or a new perspective by reading about my own journey.  There are treasures in store my friend, even when the road seems long, tiresome, and perhaps lonely.  I beckon you to come find rest for your weary soul, peace for your troubled heart, and strength for the journey.  This is what God has given me, what he wants to give all of us, if we will only sit in his presence and listen.  He wants us to find true freedom, the freedom that is only found when we truly let go and embrace what He has for us.  “Then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.” – John 8:32