Welcome to Beautifully Free Forever!  I’m so glad you chose to spend a little of your time here with me.  My name is Sarah Jones, and I am a mother of four beautiful children, and a wife to my high school sweetheart.  We have been married for nearly 20 years now.  Our road has not been an easy one, but God has been faithful every step of the way.  The people I share my life with are precious individuals and have grown themselves as a result of what I have walked through.  In a family, what happens to one of us happens to all of us in a sense. 

I created this blog to share some of my story with you and to inspire hope to face whatever challenging situation you might find yourself or a loved one in.  I want this to be a helpful resource to you as you read through my experiences and gain knowledge from some of what I have learned (and am still learning) on this journey of healing and wellness.  Many of the insights you will find are not only specific to personal physical challenges we face, like my own debilitating battle with Chronic Lyme Disease.   I believe you will find them to be helpful in dealing with many facets of life.

This blog will contain practical knowledge that can be applied to help bring healing to whatever illness you or a loved one are facing.  I have battled Lyme Disease unknowingly for over 10 years, as it went misdiagnosed for so long.  And in addition to the Lyme, I have been fighting co-infections of Epstein Bar and Strep, along with pathogens like mold and parasites.  It wasn’t until this past year when I collapsed and lost all ability to move or speak that it was officially diagnosed.  And even then, it took months of testing and multiple hospital stays to receive a definitive diagnosis.  I have learned so much during this season about Holistic methods to bring about healing, the importance of nutrition in wellness, the negative health affects of EMF waves and geopathic stress, and what to do and not do when treating Lyme (and other serious illnesses).  In addition to seeking healing for my physical illness, I have also sought God for insights regarding spiritual and emotional freedom.  He has been so faithful to reveal many things and lead me through this journey.  I will be sharing about that, as well, as I believe God wants each of us to walk in complete health and freedom in all aspects of our lives.

It is my prayer that at whatever season you may find yourself, whatever your personal journey is right now, that you might be able to glean at least a little hope or a new perspective by reading about my own story.  There are treasures in store my friend, even when the road seems long, tiresome, and perhaps lonely.  I beckon you to come find rest for your weary soul, peace for your troubled heart, and strength for the journey.  This is what God has given me, what he wants to give all of us, if we will only trust him and sit in his presence to listen.  He wants us to find complete freedom, the freedom that is only found when we truly let go and embrace what He has for us….ONE DAY, ONE STEP, ONE BREATH at a TIME.